Butterfly exhibit

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These were all taken last Friday, which was the last day of the butterfly exhibit at the local botanical gardens.

If you can identify any of these species, please do so. Unfortunately, there are about 175,000 known species of butterflies and moths, so if you have a field guide you might be looking for a while.

Someone had set their blue jacket down, and this guy landed on it. Because the upper part of its wings are bright blue, these butterflies are attracted to bright blue objects (it’s a mating adaptation). I first thought this was a Ulysses, but the underside wing markings don’t match. Update: This is a Morpho peleides. Thanks Heather!

Unknown species

Unknown species

Quite a few of the butterflies had tattered wings, showing just how fragile they really are. I was told this is a Postman butterfly, named because in the wild it travels the same route between flowers every day.
Probably Heliconius erato but might be Heliconius melpomene

Heliconius charitonius

Heliconius hecale? (Tiger Longwing?)

Unknown species

Papillio anchisiades?

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