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April 30th, 2004 by Jeff Leave a reply »

Kill The Last Geisha Trailer

Thanks to Mitsu for putting this trailer together!

Please note that you will need the Divx 5 codec for Windows or for Macintosh to play the video. If you’re only getting sound, you need to download and install this file.


  1. Chao says:

    Can we possibly rip off the Matrix any more? :P

  2. Elise says:

    Hey jeff it’s Elise I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I miss you!!! I haven’t checked your website for a while but life seems incredible there You sound so happy and excited about things in your writing. Anyway it was my B-day on the 28th so both of us being Tauruses is just awesome! Tell me eventually when and if you plan on coming back to the United States I won’t blame you if you don’t :) Lots of Hugs! P.S. I’m engaged and getting married next year talk to you later! my email is listed in my info that I typed in here bye for now hope I hear from you soon!

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