Saturday’s Matsuri (festival)

October 14th, 2003 by Jeff Leave a reply »

I went to a festival this past Saturday, held downtown. There were people dancing on a stage, people playing music, and a lot of people selling food.

Here’s a video of some of the vendors and things for sale at the festival. You should be able to hear people shouting “Irasshaimasse~~!!!” which roughly translated means “Welcome to my shop!” but in this case, it’s more like, “Look at me, I’m selling stuff!”

Please note that you will need the Divx 5 codec for Windows or for Macintosh to play the video. If you’re only getting sound, you need to download and install this file.

View matsuri video here
Click the image to play the video (1.1MB)


  1. Dad says:

    Really cool!

  2. Chao says:

    Less downtown! More ENGRISH!

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